Origins Of The Wee County Crafters

Some members of the Wee County Crafters


The Wee County Crafters was formed by the coming together of two distinct groups who had a joint interest.

The Wood Crafters were in the Aberdona Farm, they had a workshop and made various things including guitars.

The Wood Carvers were formed in late 2010, they were originally in the Resonate Arts House in Alloa, the numbers grew and more space was needed.  They moved to the Aberdona Farm, joining with the other group.  However the remoteness of the site and access proved a problem.

We moved to Alva in November 2011 and are in the process of renovating the building to develop arts and crafts in the area.

The building itself has a bit of a history, it was built by Mrs Johnston the wife of a local landowner and has served the local community in several ways in the past.  It was the cobbling centre for the Cooperative with repairs being made there and returned to their owners through out Scotland.  It was also a dance hall in the past and the upper storey still has the hard wood dancing floor.  Most recently it has been used as an plastics factory. 

We intend to bring the building back to use and attract people from the communities along the Hillfoots and further afield to bring it back to life.

Aberdona Exterior Aberdona Interior
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